Hugo is a fast and modern static site generator written in Go, and designed to make website creation fun again.

Hugo Catalog is a conversion of the Catalog framework to a hugo theme, it also includes Decap preconfigured out of the box to enabled CMS like editing capabilities to Hugo.

It ships with 9 shortcodes so your editors can make beautiful Style Guides for your brand without having to code.

I made Hugo Catalog because Catalog is abandonware and I needed something my clients could use and edit themselves. - Ben Marte

How does Hugo Catalog help you?
Consistency: Provides a cohesive experience across all of your brand touchpoints by providing a single source of truth
Efficiency: Less time concentrating on details that the design system already accounts for. More time focussing on user experience, flows, iterating, building valuable new features, and improving your products
Onboarding: Helps provide an overview of your brand and the expectations of anyone representing it
Culture: Promotes and encourages value in design, internally across all teams

Want to try it out?

Then head over to our playground you just need a Github account in order to login.

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